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Older News

Older news is kept archived here. Knock yourself out. :)

September 10, 2008

For some reason, my FTP account to the website has been disabled, so I am unable to update files or pages on this domain. For the time being, I will post new versions of programs on my CastleCops upload page. A working mirror of the website is available at merijn.castlecops.com but I don't have FTP access there either (yet).

BFU v1.12 is available. Changes:
  • Fixed HostsFileReset
  • FileWrite now inserts a linebreak first before appending data to files
  • FileWrite, HostsFileAddLine, SystemMsgBox, SystemRestart now accept \t and \n when applicable (see the BFU manual for details)
*Update*: With a lot of help from cnm and Sam, I now have full access to the server and database once again. A round of applause to the both of them, thanks so much. Also thanks to the people who offered alternative hosting without me even asking. :)