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Older News

Older news is kept archived here. Knock yourself out. :)

October 28, 2007

A new version of BFU (Brute Force Uninstaller) is available! The new version offers better logging commands, better wildcard support and some bugfixes.
  • Added wildcard for all Registry functions that need it
  • Added: RegDelValueIfNameContainsText, RegDelValueIfNameContainsHex and RegDelValueIfDataContainsText, RegDelValueIfDataContainsHex to replace RegDelValueIfContains[x] for clarity
  • Added: OptionShowLog to force show log after the script ends
  • Added: LogIfFileMD5Match, LogIfFileSHA1Match, LogIfFileMD2Match, LogIfFileMD4Match, LogIfFileCRC32Match
  • Added: LogIfFileExist, LogIfRegKeyExist, LogIfRegValExist
  • Added: FolderClear, will attempt delete to delete all files and folders in a given folder
  • Added: RegKeyResetPermissions, resets all permissions on a Registry key to the defaults (if possible)
  • Added: OptionBFUExit, quits BFU
  • Added: %Favorites% environment variable
  • Changed FolderDelete so it uses FolderClear on fail and deletes the folder on reboot (if that option is set)
  • Changed: OptionRunSilent is ignored if scriptfile is passed as commandline parameter, for safety
  • Changed: Any file commands with wildcards will apply to any matches in subfolders as well
  • Fixed: Windows 2003 SBS was detected as Windows XP 64-bit
  • Fixed: CRC32 checksum was reversed
  • Fixed: lines with unexpanded environment variables are skipped
  • Removed OptionSetStatusOn command, the first OptionSetStatus triggers the status messages
As usual, the manual for all commands and their syntax is available here.
Thanks for Pieter, Mark and Savvas for helping me testdrive the betas!